Friday, 18 April 2014

Mid Century Style Sofas

I find Pinterest invaluable in my job. I use it for inspiration; to collate and store my favourite images; to create boards for our interior clients' rooms; and to grasp their style through their own boards. If you're not sure of your style start pinning images you're drawn to, and it will naturally start to emerge. 

Scrolling through my Living Rooms board you'll find a lot of velvet, and also a lot of similar looking sofas. I love that mid century look with clean lines, a tufted back, and bolster cushions. It's simple, sleek and pretty. It can be more feminine in velvet, particularly pink (yum!), or less feminine in neutrals and leather.

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When Dael & I are designing interiors for clients, we always have to take budget into account, and when we're looking for more affordable pieces we always look to Big Save. They have some fantastic furniture pieces for amazing prices, and the Fifth Avenue is a perfect example.

It has that classic look that I love so much, and it's available in a fabric and a leather option, with matching footstools sold separately. The retail price was already great, but right now the Fifth Avenue sofa is on sale, so go and check it out. I love the charcoal fabric option.

This post was partnered with Big Save Furniture, all opinions are my own.
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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Surfing Art

Being married to a surfer means I have to embrace that world - I pretend to be excited over how light the latest board is; and I know when there is a big swell to just let him go. But luckily for both of us I love the cool, laid back surfy vibe, and I like to incorporate his love of the surf into my love of interior design.

One of our local artists, Rakai Karaitiana, has taken some awesome photographs of local surf. You can purchase his prints from Aroha and Friends in Napier - enquire in-store or drop them an email.

Aquabumps in Sydney has a huge range of amazing photographic prints dedicated to early morning beach life. I have picked out a few that I'd love to get framed for our home.

Another website with beautiful images, including stunning aerial photographs from all over the world, is Gray Malin. The Gray Malin brand was fostered by a deep passion for photography and interior design, merged with a spirit for travel and adventure.

Now, in collaboration with the premiere craftsmen of Almond, Gray Malin have created a line of surfboards featuring their aerial À la Plage images. As well as being 100% surf-able, they can also be hung in your home - no prizes as to which I would do!

This reminds me of the crazy-beautiful Gypsy surfboard range created by a collaboration between McTavish and Sibella Court.

They're just so incredible, my biggest dilemma would be which design to choose. But one day I will have one of these boards on my wall - don't ask my when or how, but it will happen!



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